Rotary District 1410

Rotary District 1410 is part of the official Rotary International organization as one of the 541 districts. The work area is the South-West Finland, Satakunta, part of Kanta-Häme, part of Pirkanmaa and the Åland Islands: 60 clubs and 2 285 members (30.6.2015). There are 89.3% men and 10.7%  women in the district 1410.

 Rotary District is designed to support individual Rotary clubs to promote Rotary's goals. Like other districts of Finland belong to 15 zone (Zone), together with most of Sweden, Estonia and Latvia. The District administration of the treatment Finland Rotary office in Helsinki, for example district accounts, youth exchanges, multi-circuit operation, Rotary regional magazine Finland representation of control, as well as a number of designated projects. An important part of the administrative matters is the Zurich office of the Rotary International.

There are 1.2 million rotarians in the world - leaders, specialists, young, old, women, men. With the words of Jennifer Jones, RI director: "We are leaders by the way we think, not necessarily by our title. That’s a pretty big shift in thinking in how we have gone historically in the past. But I think it is a major shift because the group is really serious about bringing younger members into our organization. They’re not in the senior positions in their organizations in this point in time, but are they leaders? Absolutely.”




Risto Suviala DG 2018-2019

DGE Heidi Cavén (DG 2019-2020)

DGNE Anita Häggblom (DG 2020-2021)

DGN Mikko Lindeman (DG 2021-2022)