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Rotary International - Southwest Finland and Åland Islands - District 1410

Miten klubit voivat toimia koronavirustilanteessa?

Tässä esimerkkinä Uskelan klubin presidentti Jari Laakkion viesti klubilleen: Hei Uskelan Rotaryt! Valtioneuvoston päätöksen mukaan suositellaan kokoontumisia välttämään. Eilen hyödynsin Uskelan klubin moniammatillisesta verkostosta löytyvää osaamista hyödyntäen keskustelun siskomme Marjatta Hyttisen kanssa. Samoin Piirikuvernööri Heidi Cavénin kanssa tänään käydyn keskutelun perusteella tiedotan seuraavaa!   USKELAN ROTARYKLUBIN KOKOUKSET Uskelan rotaryklubi jatkaa kokoontumisiaan to 19. ja to…
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Kuvia Petsistä – Foton från PETS

Saa käyttää mainitsemalla kuvaajan Lorenz Michael nimen / får visas med namn Lorenz Michael på fotograf           Saa käyttää mainitsemalla kuvaajan Guy Nordström nimen / får visas med nams Guy Nordström på fotograf  

Governor’s monthly letter

Read here: ** Governor’s monthly letter – February ———————————————————— Wishing the month so many things have happened. In the end of January we had Rotary Forum in Helsinki with new information. Lika Olika -project has done good work in Aland Islands, now we start with the Finnish speaking schools. First to be Forssa and…
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Governor’s monthly letter – January 2020

Read as pdf: 01_2020gbx    GOVERNOR´S MONTHLY LETTER  – January 2020  Spring of training  Spring is here (?) or at least it feels that way, when the temperature is so close to zero – no sign of hard winter – at least here in the south. So minds rushes into the spring and its events. …
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Club and district support Zürich’s newsletter

Lue englanniksi tai ruotsiksi pdf-linkistä: Läs på engelska eller på svenska from pdf-länken: Read either in English or in Swedish from the pdf-links: CDS Newsletter 2020 01 January-EN   CDS Newsletter 2020 01 January-SV

Esimerkki RYLA-ohjelmasta

Rylaa eli nuorten aikuisten johtajakoulutusta toteutetaan piirissämme muutamalla alueella. Alla on piirin 5 kokonaisuus ohjelmarunkoineen vinkiksi muille mahdolliseti Ryla-koulutusta ajatteleville.   ALUE 5. RYLA 2020 Ohjelma on laadittu 2020 koulutuksen suunnittelun palavereissa 23.9. ja 12.11. sekä sähköpostiviestein. Tiimi: Hannu Simström (Somero RC), Jari Kaunisto (Frrssa Sepänhaka RC), Jaakko Kuusinen (Forssa Sepänhaka RC) ja Tanja Paassilta…
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Governor’s monthly letter – December 2019

Read as pdf 12_GB  New year, new tricks  It’s time to say goodbye to this year. Christmas has been celebrated by the tasty tables, gifts have been given as well as received and we have enjoyed the Christmas message. Now it is time to enjoy sparkling bubbles and welcome the New Year. I hope it…
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Governor’s monthly letter – November 2020

Read the letter in pdf-form: 11_GB_x    December – theme month: fighting disease  Rotary months have themes. November was about Foundation, now in December we focus on fighting disease. December might bring along cough, sneezing, sore throath etc, so the theme is a good reminder to take care of yourself and fight the disease and…
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Governor’s monthly letter October 2019

Read the monthly letter in pdf-form 10_GB_xx TOWARDS CHRISTMAS Four more club visits and all the agreed meetings are done!! During the visits we have been talking about changed rules, new ways to set up clubs (satellite), practices (85-rule) and procedures, how to accept transferring members, etc. etc It has been noted that information is needed…
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Governor’s monthly letter – September 2019

VSE successfully done

VSE visit is successfully over and according the visitors they had an amazing visit and had really good experiences both from the working culture as well as enjoyed their stay as tourists.

Especially big thank you for all the host families, rotaries involved in creating the program and everyone who was involved.

Quite a many Rotarians from the district helped with the arrangements but especially two Assistant Governors Rainer and Juha – thank you for your support, help, chauffeuring and arrangements..

VSE team’s members visited in Turku (thank you Erja and Barbara), in Parainen (thank you Kristiina and Tom), in Eurajoki (thank you Altti), in Forssa (thank you Jari, Rauno ja Tanja as well as helping hand outside of rotary Kirsi), in Huittinen (thank you Raimo), in Ulvilassa (thank you Hanna-Leena) and in Raisio (thank you Terhi). A special thank you for all the companies where our visitors had a possibility to visit!

Our team visits England 18.4. – 2.5. and you can apply for another month.Send your application latest on 31st of October – in English where you tell about yourself, your job, your hobbies and what you expect from the journey. Send the application to

District council decides the team members on 6th of November and after that the chosen ones receive information. Next the team gets together, thinks of the team visibility, what to take as a gift, etc. etc!