Governor’s monthly letter – May

Rotary International - Southwest Finland and Åland Islands - District 1410

Governor’s monthly letter – May


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** Governor's monthly letter

May is almost lived and the summer season about to begin. Time has flown and my governor year lasts still officially about a month.  The experience has been amazing, clubs have been extremely hospitable and all the knowledge regarding our district has grown exponentially. Even though there is still the June monthly letter to come I would like to thank all the clubs of the great year. District's governor's position is a real observation post and the experience fantastic, so if you want to take you Rotary knowledge to the next level, keep an eye to Anita Häggblom's governor search in August-September and send in your application!

There are still meetings in June before summer break, so let's hope we can get together under sunny weather maybe outdoors. And some outdoor events are coming, read more from the end of the letter.

Governor's chains shall be changed in Åland  on the 25th of June - more about the ceremony with the photos in the last monthly letter.

I wish you all a very sunny June!

Regards, Heidi

** Shelterbox -challenge

Does Shelterbox-campaign interest you still before this year is over?  AG's have sent information about the campaign to the clubs and thank you for those areas who have decided to get a shelter box jointly. Also our district has purchased one box.

If you still want to participate, here is more info regarding the campaign:

Even though corona virus case seems to have moderated in Finland, it is still a significant threat for example for people who have lost their homes in catastrophies and those running away from threats ie. the ShelterBox target groups

Enclosed some actions on the areas that are taken place with other aid work (Burkina Faso, countries around Tshad-lake, Somaliland, Ethiopia, Syria/Iraq). (Attachments can be found in a blog on district website

Rotary International and Shelterbox have decided after their negotiations, that rotarians have a chance through Shelterbox aid to diminish the corona virus damage impact.

John Hewko, general secretary stated just before the first of May: “The partnership between Rotary and ShelterBox provides a place of refuge for vulnerable people to stay as healthy as possible.
Covid-19 is a Global Humanitarian Emergency in its own right, but it will also compound and exacerbate pre-existing crises.  When it comes to fighting a pandemic, the most vulnerable need our protection – or everyone is at risk. As Emergency shelter experts, ShelterBox has a vitally important part to play in the global response to Covid-19.”

We have started Nordic co-operation a bit earlier with donation launching. Sweden might be the furthest on this way. Also zone RI directors (present and coming) have promised their support in this matter.

The idea is, that this campaign would be promoted only through this Rotary year (or till mid-Summer) and after that we would report the fundraising result.

Further to this, there has been increased among others soap for the ShelterBox -aid material, the first aid project namely on corona virus has started for about 2.000 families in the Philippines where due to volcano eruption still about 40.000 of total 150.000 families are still in confined circumstances with relatives or in evacuation centres. In the Philippines the COVID-19 has spread significantly.

The refugees in Nigeria are maybe the next in danger, populous country and refugee centres hard to isolate.

I am happy to forward information according to your wishes. I do hope the district and clubs participate widely, even with a small donation. I believe the ShelterBox aid is targeted efficiently and needed for the most needed ones.

Kindest regards,
Tapio Vihersaari
ShelterBox tuki ry – ShelterBox Finland
vapaaehtoistyöntekijä – volontär - voluntary worker
puheenjohtaja – ordförande - chairman

** Rotary Golf SM 2020
Meri-Naantalin klubi tiedottaa:
Meri-Naantalin Rotaryklubi organisoi Rotary Golf SM-2020 -kilpailun Aurinko Golfissa Naantalissa 19.8.2020. Yhteislähtö puolen päivän aikaan. Kisan aikana aveceille/ystäville tarjolla 4 h mittainen golfin peruskurssi. Tarkemmat tiedot kohta julkaistavassa kisainfossa tai (

** Rotary district 1410 Golf championship games
Traditional district golf championship games will be held in Alastaro Golf Virttaankankaa course on 22nd August 2020 starting at 10.00. More information/organiser: Turku Sirkkala Rotaryclub

** Rotary Institute in Oulu in September (with GETS and GoNTS)
Despite of corona, we are planning the autumn and Rotary Institute is taken place in Oulu 8.- 13.9.2020. Here is the link to the site + extra info Rotary Institute (
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