Global Grant: Save The Baltic Sea

Rotary International - Southwest Finland and Åland Islands - District 1410

Pentti Aspilan esitys PETSissä 2020: SavetheBalticSea2020fix På svenska: SavetheBalticSea2020se_x

Global Grant application phase:

Idea of making joint action with Rotarians around Baltic Sea was raised in Hamburg Convention, June 2019, where Baltic Sea activities were exposed and discussed with Rotarians. Idea has been further developed by the Districts 1420 and 1410, and is also discussed with Districts 2370 and 2350. To support Rotary activities for saving the Baltic Sea a network “Baltic Sea Rotary Action Network” has been established. Idea of submitting a Global Grant has also been discussed with TRF and this has welcomed as a pilot environmental intervention.

Planned Grant is aiming to establish a strong Rotarian intervention to support the process of improving state of Baltic Sea. Even though there are several activities going on in this, progress has not yet been very fast. Main concern is that such activities should be comprehensive and coherent in all Baltic Sea countries. This Project should be seen as a pilot phase in a long-term program where Rotarians are taking strong responsibility in improving state of Baltic Sea. This pilot Project is setting strong ground and activating Rotarians to join the efforts for activities in later years to Save the Baltic Sea. It is well-known that this kind of ambitious goal can not be achieved in a year or two but rather in decades time.

Focus in this proposed Project is to make interventions comprehensive and coherent, not only actions implemented by Rotarians themselves, but communicate with other actors and public to do so as well.

The Project is operating at several levels:

  • At club level actual actions will be implemented
  • Baltic Sea Rotary Action Network will be strengthened and the aim is to have all the Districts round the Baltic Sea participating and focusing their resources for saving the Baltic Sea
  • The Network will contact other major institutions to make partnerships with them. Aim is to apply best available competence in the interventions the Rotarians will implement. Until now two major research institutions in Finland, Syke and Luke, have expressed their interest to work with Rotarians, but contacting other institutions in other countries will continue
  • At highest level the Network will contact policy makers to facilitate processes that will affect state of the Baltic Sea. At this highest level the Project is also aiming to be a pilot that other similar Rotary activities could learn about when TRF will expand her environmental interventions.

The Project content is tentatively as follows:

  • Actual club level actions
    • Supporting follow-up in algae-blooming
    • Supporting Water backpacks, both in increasing production of the backpacks and introducing the backpacks in to the schools
    • Other relevant activities will be collected from the Clubs and will be shared within the Network to make as many as possible of Rotary Clubs to find their niche in environmental interventions.
  • Increasing awareness of Rotarians and citizens in general
    • Establishing internet pages for the Network
    • Newsletter to address the Rotary clubs
    • Arranging a seminar on Baltic Sea, possibly in connection of the Rotary Institute in Oulu in September 2020
  • Expand the Network to have participating Rotarians from all Baltic Sea countries
    • Meetings with Rotarians in all Baltic Sea countries and introducing the Project concept and inviting Rotarians to form local Forums or related coordinating bodies and join the Network.
    • Establishing program for “Baltic Sea Ambassadors”.Program is aiming to have trained Rotarians in Districts and Clubs to responsible persons to advice Rotarians to choose best interventions for saving the Baltic Sea and guiding in these actions. Initially Syke will take responsibility training of Ambassadors, but later institutions in other countries are invited to establish similar training programs


Host District: 1420

International District: 2370

Other Districts: 1410, 1390, 1430 and 2350 ?

Clubs: 1 to 3 clubs per District, i.e. about 10 to 12 clubs altogether; clubs contributing 500 USD or more.


Tentative Budget:

Baltic Sea Ambassador training: 3000 USD

Water backpacks: 5000 USD

Blue Algae monitoring: 2000 USD (including communication)

Awareness raising:

–                     Making internet pages: 2000 USD

–                     Producing printed materials: 5000 USD

–                     Contacting Districts within Baltic Sea region to introduce the concept and invite them to join the Network  5000 USD

–                     Baltic Sea seminar 5000 USD

–                     Other Baltic Sea events, e.g. Rowing for Herring 3000 USD

Available for other activities, e.g. awareness activities in Sweden and Finland: 10 000 USD



  • 1/2020: Consultation with TRF, draft plan has been agreed and the Project number received from My Rotary
  • 2/2020 Community Needs Assessment and other related documents produced. Participating clubs agreed.
  • 3/2020 Filing of the Project completed. Necessary clarifications toTRF and approval of the Project.
  • 3/2020 Club contributions paid to the Project account.
  • 4/2020 Project officially beginning. Ambassador training. Contacting schools to join Water backpack program in 9/2020. Other relevant programs begin.
  • Project runs until 10/2021 and is reported by 12/2021