Governor’s monthly letter – August 2019

Rotary International - Southwest Finland and Åland Islands - District 1410

Governor’s monthly letter – August 2019

Monthly letter in pdf-form: 08_GB

Attachments: vuosikokouskutsu –   D1410_tilinpäätös 30.6.2019  –  D1410 tase, tuloslaskelma 30.6.2019 –  1410 Tase-erittelyt 30.6.19



Club visits are on and thank you for all those clubs, I have had a chance to meet and talk. And lots of talk we have had on different subjects. August has been wonderful, hopefully September continues exactly the same.

Autumn seminar

is held on 14thof September. Sign up either via the link on the district website’s frontpage or via Urjala RC website link. Sign up now, as we need details for the catering.

In the program we have official meeting (incl. annual report and accountancy), miniworkshop on public image issues, lift talk and so on.

In the program we also have music, culture and possibility to meet lots of friends. So sign up!

Attached (in Finnish) meeting invitation + official paperwork

VSE-team to Finland

VSE-team is coming to Finland on 4th of September, when we’ll meet them at the Turku airport with the host families. Team’s departure time is very early as the leave 6 am, so for the last night (17-18.9.) we’ll set them up somewhere close to the airport. In their program the last day is free, so the team members can wonder around Turku. Any guides available for the day? We also shall spend the last night (17th) with the team. Any good ideas regarding the program?

Team members below:

Helen – team leader is a a qualified lawyer specialising in child protection and family law. We are still looking for 2-3 suitable working places as well as host families.

Sophie is changing her career path and her interests are on social issues like homeless people. For her we are planning 5th – 6th a visit to Huittinen jail and the homeless program as well as 9th – 10th getting to know how Huittinen town works on social issues (host Raimo Wiik). On the 11th – 16th in Turku we are arranging for her to visit Sirkkala day centre, that is run by the city and the church and for homeless people. Still looking for a host to Turku visit!

Emma is ceramics artist and for her we have booked 9th – 12th the Forssa Vocational Institute (host Tanja Paassilta). She was hoping to meet also a private studio entrepreneur – any ideas? For Emma we need more program and host family for 5th-8thand 14th– 167th.

Natalie works as Waste and Sustainability Officer. Free days in her calendar are 5th – 8th. The whole next week she’ll be meeting different companies in Forssa (still looking for host). In autumn seminar the 14th  Natalie would swap the hosts for the rest of the program ie. host and program needed for 15th – 16th. There was a suggestion on Eurajoki, can this be confirmed?

Becky is a registered nurse and her program for 5th – 8this open.  During 9th – 13th she’ll be visiting  Keski-Satakunnan Terveydenhuollon kuntayhtymä (host Hanna-Leena Markki). Swap with hostfamilies in the autumn seminar. The rest of her program 15th– 16this open. auki

As you can see from the programs above, we still have working places and hosts to arrange, so I need everyone’s help.

If you can make it as a host, please contact DG:


This autumn Rotary Foundation training will be arranged in

  • Forssa Autokeidas on 16.10. at 18, registration to AG to Mikko Lindeman,
  • in Pori Porin Suomalainen Klubi, Eteläranta 10 on 17.10. at 18, registration to AG Anne-Maj Eskelinen,
  • in Turku, Henrikinkatu 10, Porthan Hall, 30.10. at 18, registration to AG Rainer Huopalahti.

Training is for the Foundation responsible persons, presidents and other rotarians interested in the projects. If the club is applying funds from the District, a trained person is demanded.

Guvernor search for 2022 – 2023

Clubs are asked to send applications latest 30th November 2019  to:

Governor’s application is on district website: instructions – for members – documents and templates.

To apply you need to have permission from the applicant of club’s active member and CV.

Decision to select new governor is made by the naming comittee called by governor. Decision is done by December.

The decision by naming committee is confirmed in the district meeting 2020.



4.9. VSE-team arrives

7.9. District golf championship games

14.9. Autumn seminar

17.9. VSE-team last night in Turku

  1. – 29.9. Rotary Institute, Gdansk

6.10. Herring rowing in Helsinki

24.10. World Polio Day

30.11. DG-applications




Regards HeidiC



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