Governor’s monthly letter – June

Rotary International - Southwest Finland and Åland Islands - District 1410

Governor’s monthly letter – June


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** Governor's monthly letter

Governor's chains were exchanged in Åland Islands on the June 25. During the event first the Åland Islands clubs presidents had the change over, then Assistant Governor chains on area 10 were changed - Anita Häggblom welcomed to the post new AG Aaro Söderlund. After that some district awards and finally the governor chains from Heidi to Anita. In the photo 2020-2021 governor Anita Häggblom and IPDG (Immediate Past District Governor) Heidi Cavén starting July the first 2020.

The year has speeded away, during the autumn I gained lots of kilometres. Roads in Finland Proper, in Satakunta, in Tavastia and even some also in Pirkanmaa became quite familiar. We had training and different events in Finland as well as outside the borders, so quite a lot of different Rotary activities I have witnessed.

Clubs are quite individual, very different even within areas. It has been a great pleasure to visit different events. I thank you all of wonderful memories, flowers, wines, etc, etc. In the picture one of the memories, which has brought joy and inspiration during the year.

There would have been quite a many events during the spring, but the pandemia situation changed everything. Thank you for all those, who have been able to act despite of corona virus within the limitations and also applying the new technology. No-one knows what the future shall bring, so this has been forced learning which we hopefully can implement in the future too.

The new Rotary year starts with a new theme and more about that latest within a month with the exciting thoughts of DG Anita Häggblom.

With my sincerest thanks - HeidiC

** Lets zoom away

ZOOM webmeeting platform
Finland's Rotary service  (SRP) board (27.05.2020) has decided to end th used Adobe Connect (AC) -webmeeting service on  31.05.2020. AC is out of date and its yearly contract should have been renewed by the meeting day.

At the same time the board decided to start using as soon as possible, latest on 1.7.2020 new webmeeting service:  Zoom Business for Rotary Finland. It is primarly ment for  SRP's administration and committees as well as for the districts. It enables even 10 joint meeting at the same time (with AC we could have three). More details, guides and help comes during summer 2020.

Zoom is the widest used webmeeting service also within rotarians. Users are for example Rotary International, The Rotary Foundation, several Finnish universities as well as Finnish Government.

If you need the possibility and help to use webmeeting with zoom or with another webmeeting platform during the transition time (June 2020), please contact SRP chair of IT-committee (details below).

SRP's IT-committee as well as other experts recommend, that in Rotary activities are used SRP's, districts and clubs own webmeeting services.
Finland's Rotary service (SRP) / IT-committee, chairman IPDG Jaakko Panula / 040-5431290

Check out the possibility to get Zoom for your club with Rotary discount in Myrotary:  Rotary&Zoom-club offer (  (Zoom Pro for Rotary club, yearly price about 150 euroa per club/year)

Finland's Rotary service (SRP-FRS) is renewing the bylaws template. The approved Finland's Rotary clubs bylaws in Finnish Patent and Registration Office (PRH) are dated 2013. After drafting these there has been two Legislative meetings (COL-2016 and COL-2019) that have changed the bylaws. Also the Rotary operational environment has changed for example with satellite clubs and remote meetings.

For this reason  SRP-FRS is going to update the bylaws template and get those approved in PRH.

The approval for the bylaws template is important, as when the clubs change their bylaws, and doing those according the template, the process in PRH is much quicker and affordable. The new draft is at the moment on commenting tour with the COL-representatives. During June the draft is sent to PRH to be approved.

After the approval all the clubs are informed and the new bylaws publised on SRP-FRS website. If you have a bylaws updating going on in you club, SRP-FRS recommends to wait for the new bylaws template.

Rotary office informs about the matter, so please wait and during the autumn start your clubs bylaws updating.


More leadership development courses in the Learning Center
, we’re offering a new leadership and communication series. The first two courses are now available in the Learning Center:
* Develop a Speech (  — Learn how to organize a speech that leaves a lasting impression on the audience.
* Deliver a Speech (  — Explore how voice and body language can affect a speech and practice using them to express emotion and convey a point of view.

These courses, developed by Toastmasters International, include practice activities to help members apply their new skills and peer evaluations to help them grow through collaboration.

Click on the logo above to watch the video of RI President Mark Maloney talk about our alliance with Toastmasters.  You can also visit My Rotary for more information ( .

** District Vibrant Club Workshop
Introducing the District Vibrant Club Workshop! This new training replaces three seminars: those on district membership, The Rotary Foundation, and our public image. It’s a chance for members to learn how membership, public image, and the Foundation work together to help us fulfill Rotary’s strategic plan, known as our Action Plan.

The change follows the example of many districts in combining the seminars to streamline the curriculum and save members time and money.

The workshop will help members think differently about the work that they’re doing, the way their clubs operate, and how they engage with members and the community.

Some things to know about the training:
* It’s a workshop, so most of each session is practical activities.
* You can conduct each session virtually or in person, depending on your needs.
* It’s designed to last half a day but has the flexibility to be a full-day seminar.
* You can learn more from the District Vibrant Club Workshop Leader’s Guide ( .


** New Resources
These resources are now available in the Learning Center:

District Committee Basics learning plan (

How to Propose Enactments and Resolutions (
Do you want to change something about Rotary International or for all of our clubs? Rotary’s Councils are the way to make your ideas heard. Learn how to propose resolutions for the RI Board and Foundation Trustees to consider or enactments for your fellow Rotarians to vote on.

** Training Tip
The Learning Center (  uses virtual badges to motivate members to take courses and finish learning plans. Each virtual badge comes with points, and a member’s position  is based on their total points. Members can find their badges and see the leaderboards by going to My Dashboardand then looking at My Achievements. Members in many districts may see both leaderboard and a district leaderboard. Not sure if your district has one? Look for the small black arrow next to   If you don’t have a district leaderboard and want one, write to ( .

about the types of badges that members can earn by completing courses and participating in social learning.

Badge Name                                                                                                                                                                                             Description                                                                                                                                               Points
# Courses Complete
These badges are earned after you complete your first course and then every five courses you complete you earn another badge. The points assigned to these badges equal the number of courses complete.
Depends on the number of courses completed
Learning Plan Complete                                                                                                                                                                                 Earn a badge for every learning plan you complete in full.                                                                                                5
Membership Beginner                                                                                                                                                                                    Earn this badge after completing the Practicing Flexibility and Innovation and Is Your Club Healthy? Courses.                                             5
Membership Intermediate                                                                                                                                                                                Earn this badge after earning the membership beginner badge and completing Best Practices for Engaging Members and Strategies for Attracting New Members. 10
Membership Advanced                                                                                                                                                                                    Earn this badge once you’ve completed all 8 of the membership courses.                                                                                    15
Top Contributor                                                                                                                                                                                        Earn this badge when you upload the most items in learning topics in one week.                                                                            10
Questions Asked                                                                                                                                                                                        Earn this badge after asking 5 questions in learning topics.                                                                                              1
Item Ratings                                                                                                                                                                                           Earn this badge when the materials you uploaded receive a 5 star rating from other learners.                                                              5
Contributor                                                                                                                                                                                            Earn this badge after uploading 5 resources to share with others.                                                                                         1
Invite to View                                                                                                                                                                                         Earn this badge after inviting 5 people to view an item.                                                                                                  5

Dear District Governors and District Youth Exchange leaders
After careful consideration, the Board of Directors of Rotary International has decided to allow some districts to conduct Rotary Youth Exchange under specific safety guidelines during the 2020-21 Rotary year.

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, at their April meeting the Board made several important decisions to limit or suspend Rotary activities that require travel or in-person meetings, including meetings of the Board and Trustees, Institutes, and the appointment of president’s representatives. As student safety is one of Rotary’s top priorities, the Board requested the general secretary to prepare a risk assessment for conducting Rotary Youth Exchange during the 2020-21 Rotary year.

While there is still uncertainty related to COVID-19 globally, especially as it relates to international travel, school delays and closures, and the ongoing or increasing risk of infection, the Board recognizes that some regions have begun to ease restrictions.  On 8 June, the Board decided to allow flexibility for districts within those areas, so they may determine whether they can proceed with Youth Exchange programs in accordance with required the safety guidelines and crisis management plan.

Please review the following decisions carefully and share with anyone involved in Rotary Youth Exchange in your district.

in response to the global COVID-19 pandemic, agrees that the health and safety of all participants in Rotary programs is of paramount importance and with this in mind adopts the following guidance specific to Rotary Youth Exchange, subject to review by the Board on an on-going basis:

1. All districts are strongly encouraged to arrange for the return of students currently on exchange in countries that are or may become impacted by COVID-19 as soon as it is determined to be possible and safe to do so after consulting travel advisories and guidelines issued by their embassies or consular offices, international public health agencies like the World Health Organization, and local health authorities for the latest and most relevant information.

2. Districts are strongly encouraged to voluntarily suspend long-term Rotary Youth Exchange in the 2020-21 Rotary year, especially where the district cannot reasonably assess the risks related to COVID-19 and/or does not already have an emergency risk management plan in place.

3. Districts may conduct long-term Rotary Youth Exchange in the 2020-21 Rotary year beginning 1 January 2021 provided that they confirm they understand and agree to administer Rotary’s Youth Exchange program in accordance with 2020-21 Certification requirements, and before administering exchanges follow additional safety measures, including:

* Districts must be certified for the 2020-21 Rotary year;
* Travel must be permitted between countries, and the administration of the exchange must not be in conflict with the host and/or sending district’s government’s or government health authority’s recommendations for travel or student exchange activity;
* All parties (sending and host districts and parents/legal guardians) must agree in writing to a procedure detailing how decisions for terminating an exchange and repatriating a student will be made and carried out in the event the virus resurges and poses risk to student safety or volunteers at any point during the exchange;
* All parties (sending and host districts and parents/legal guardians) must agree in writing to a plan outlining who shall assume financial responsibility for covering costs or reimbursements associated with cancelling an exchange early, including but not limited to flight/travel rebooking fees, emergency repatriation, tour cancellations, program fees, etc.;
* Districts must have a crisis management plan in place that includes specific provisions related to health emergencies and disease outbreaks (i.e. COVID-19), and incorporates the following:
+ The crisis management plan must be reviewed and/r developed in consultation with a local health authority;
+ Each district must have procedures to monitor health and safety developments related to COVID-19, such as travel restrictions and quarantine measures impacting both inbound and outbound students;
+ A comprehensive communications plan to:
1. ensure consistent communication between volunteers, students and parents, host families, and RI about important developments related to COVID-19, and
2. allows program leaders to quickly locate and communicate with all parties in the event of an emergency;
+ A procedure for repatriating students or ensuring their safety in the event quarantine measures or travel restrictions are implemented during an exchange;
* The district must be able to ensure students can remain in the country legally under valid visas and without disruption to student travel insurance coverage should new travel restrictions prohibit students from returning home as expected;
* Districts must be able to provide proper medical care in the event a student contracts the virus or falls ill;
* Districts must have a temporary backup host family willing to host each inbound student, regardless of the student’s given health status or local stay-at-home orders, should an immediate move be necessary;
* For long-term exchanges, students must be enrolled in a school that is in session and operating normally upon arrival in the host district; and
* For long-term exchanges, districts must report the following information to Rotary International prior to any student travel, and any updates to the following information are communicated to RI within 48 hours:
+ Participant full name, age, sex, and contact information (email and/or telephone number)
+ Participant’s parent/guardian full name and contact information (email and telephone number)
+ Participant’s parent/guardian signed consent form, including acknowledgement that personally identifying information will be reported to Rotary International in accordance with Rotary’s data privacy policies and other data privacy regulations, such as the General Data Privacy Regulations (GDPR)
+ Sending district and hosting district numbers
+ Host family full name and contact information (email and/or telephone number and physical address)
+ Start date and end date

4. Districts may conduct short-term Rotary Youth Exchange in the 2020-21 Rotary year beginning 1 October 2020 provided that above safety measures are also followed.

5. Consistent with Rotary International’s youth protection policies for unauthorized exchange activity, any district found to be participating in any exchange activity contrary to this guidance during the 2020-21 Rotary year that puts students at risk shall have their certification to participate in Rotary Youth Exchange suspended for a period of two consecutive years.

6. The general secretary shall develop a mechanism to collect and store program participant data and contact information as deemed necessary to support the administration of Rotary Youth Exchange consistent with Rotary’s data privacy policies and other data privacy regulations, such as the General Data Privacy Regulations (GDPR) to be implemented by 1 January 2021.

7. Districts are strongly encouraged to keep young people that would have otherwise participated in Rotary Youth Exchange engaged alternatively through virtual (online only) exchanges or other Rotary programs such as Interact, Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA), or plan for a Rotary Youth Exchange or New Generations Service Exchange during the following Rotary year.

For districts that have or may suspend their program

Given the potential risks to the health and safety of our youth, suspending the program during the coming year may be the right decision for certain districts. Any decision that prioritizes the safety and wel-lbeing of our students is the right decision – and you have the flexibility to make the right decision for your district.

For districts considering participating in the program

Some districts are confident that they have assessed the risks, consulted international and local health experts and decided to safely plan exchanges with an emergency risk management plan in place to anticipate possible changes in order to respond, communicate, and act quickly if necessary.

Districts who choose to participate in Youth Exchange will be required to report their program participation to Rotary Youth Exchange Staff before any student travel takes place. Rotary staff can support you and help communicate in the event of an emergency. Instructions for how to report participation will be sent to district leaders in the coming months.

The consequences for any district that does not follow the Board’s guidelines are consistent with the policies and procedures for unauthorized exchange programs and activities that put students at risk.


No matter what you decide, please continue to support Rotary Youth Exchange. Take this time to strengthen your program, explore options to engage young people that would have otherwise participated in Rotary Youth Exchange alternatively through virtual (online only) exchanges or other Rotary programs such as Interact, Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA), or plan for a Rotary Youth Exchange or New Generations Service Exchange during the following Rotary year.

Our staff will continue to support Youth Exchange leaders in the year ahead, by providing updated and new resources, sharing engagement strategies, collecting participant information, and addressing your questions or concerns. When the program fully resumes, Rotary Youth Exchange will be stronger than ever.

Thank you for all that you do to support Rotary Youth Exchange, and for your understanding and cooperation as we do what is necessary during these unprecedented times to keep our students safe.


Rotary Youth Exchange

** Rotary Golf SM 2020
Meri-Naantali RC bulletin:
Meri-Naantali Rotary club organizes  Rotary Golf SM-2020 -event in Aurinko Golf in Naantali 19.8.2020. Joint start around noon.  During the event for avecs/friends possibility to attend 4 h golf basics course. More details information (
Kutsu-Invitation (in Finnish) attached  (

** Rotary district 1410 Golf championship games
Traditional district golf championship games will be held in Alastaro Golf Virttaankankaa course on 22nd August 2020 starting at 10.00. More information/organiser: Turku Sirkkala Rotaryclub

** EndPolioNow -golf in Yyteri Golf 2.9.2020
EndPolioNow -golf game in Yyteri Golf 2.9.2020. Joint start at 10.00, check in at  8.45–9.15, afterwards start briefing.

Fee  40 € includes green fee and raffle ticket.  Participation fee to be paid in account of Meri-Porin Rotaryklubi / Golf  FI55 5700 8120 5735 92, reference no 1708, latest 28.8.2020.

Sign in (  or by sms  050  546 5705.


Meri-Pori RC - Tauno Lovén  -  Rotary Foundation chair

** Rotary Institute in Oulu in September (with GETS and GoNTS)
Despite of corona, we are planning the autumn and Rotary Institute is taken place in Oulu 8.- 13.9.2020. Here is the link to the site + extra info Rotary Institute (
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