Governor’s mostly letter – July 2019

Rotary International - Southwest Finland and Åland Islands - District 1410

Governor’s mostly letter – July 2019

Summer is at its best and most of us are still thinking of holidays. Now it is time to enjoy and download vitamin D from the sun, because soon August starts as well as the schools and the normal working mode is back. Maybe there are others like me who have not had time to be on holiday, well, we’ll just keep working like before. There seems to be lots of energy even without the holiday and much to tell, let’s hope the other monthly letters aren’t quite this long…

In August most of the clubs start the meetings after the summer break and also the governor visits start. I have been reading the club plans and am delighted that Rotary International President Mark Daniel Maloney is well known. There have been stories of him in Rotary Norden magazine as well as in To find out more, I challenge all of you to register into and find the newest information regarding Rotary.

If you wonder what was the date for the governor visit, you’ll find it from the district calendar in the district website

The idea is to meet first with the board for an hour and then have the club meeting. More details of the visit you’ll get of course from your assistant governor. There will be a change in the DG-visit – instead of a powerpoint, we’ll have a video presentation. Presidents, please let your AG know if your meeting place cannot show the video. The video is still under work, but hopefully it’ll be done, when the visits start.

Important highlights regarding the autumn:

VSE-visit i.e. Vocational Study Exchange will take place in September. Five exchange ”students” – all ladies – arrive from England (District 1210) on the 7th of September. The visit will take two weeks. In the blog on district website is more about the exchange, but at this point I am looking for helping hands – we need to find suitable work places for the ladies as well as host families . One work place/host family has been informed (thank you Tanja!). Others, I am still excitedly waiting. These five ladies can be separated and placed around the district, so let’s find interesting exchange places and trip to remember forever! Our district sends five people to England on spring time (March – April) 2020. If you are interested to participate for a two-week VSE trip, send your application to my email by the end of October, when we choose the participants and inform the District in England.

Autumn seminar is held on the 14th of September, you can sign yourself either via link on the district website or via the arranger’s website, Urjala Rotary Club


It is utmost important to get the visibility for the club activities; this will help getting new members as well. Photos tell much more than the words and most of us have the modern phones which means also cameras. It would be great to see a club meeting for example on the market place or on a joint walking trip. I hope that in every club among the active members there is at least one designated IT or media person, who takes care the website and social media updates.

Photo of the joint meeting/event and a short message is enough.  It is worthwhile utilizing modern networking means (social media) and find new friends as well as get good tips for successful projects. Hence I challenge every club to make at least one post a month on the district facebook page; either of your club meeting, event, visit or basically anything. Also it would be great the receive texts for the district website BLOG, so please start writing your stories now. Send the texts to me – and remember – we are a district with three languages, so if possible, kindly translate your text also in Finnish as well as in Swedish.

Making donations

When we talk about donations, everybody thinks automatically money. Well, money runs the world and is important, when we help/start different projects. Easiest way, I think, is to be a monthly/yearly donator. If you wish to make an automatic donation, it is very easy through this link: I myself chose – after short down rolling – Monthly Giving. After that I chose Annual Fund as this benefits also the district funds. If you have signed in to, the system recognizes the basic info i.e. the country and the currency. As I chose to be a monthly donator, I chose Recurring donation. You can choose the time frame (frequency) and the amount to give: 200, 100, 50, 10 euros or decide yourself to appropriate amount.

As I was logged in, all the details required for the donation show up automatically ie. name, phone number and email. After typing in my credit card number, I checked the details and finally submitted the form. Almost immediately I got a confirmation of the donation. The first amount is charged in August and continues, until I decide to finish it.

Money is not the only way to donate. If you have extra time to give, that is as important. When you give you time to a project or a club or promoting Rotary, it is very important. Nowadays one feels that there is not enough time and that is one of the reasons to get more people involved. Sometimes attending the club meeting can be challenging due to the nature of one’s work. Luckily we can always visit another club and at the same time grow our network.

I believe there are quite a lot of hidden hours. Hours, that we cannot get attendance certificate, but which we spend on doing project, club festivities, messages/emails, getting stuff, entertaining exchange students, and so on. Just for the curiosity on time spent to Rotary work, I created a form, where you can fill your time spent on Rotary. You can fill the form with your own name or if you do not want your name public, use your club. To fill the form quicker, I did create the used time and some examples of the subject. If you cannot find suitable option, please write it down yourself. When we get these hours visible, we’ll see how much we actually do Rotary work. You’ll find the link from the district website. And remember, every minute counts. Let’s make the good work we do visible.

Kindest regards

 Heidi Cavén, DG 1410

In pdf-form: 07_GB