Itämeren suojelu hankkeeksi – Baltic Sea Global Grant

Rotary International - Southwest Finland and Åland Islands - District 1410

Itämeren suojelu hankkeeksi – Baltic Sea Global Grant

Baltic Sea Global Grant -ehdotus

Piirimme on mukana Global Grantin tekemiselle. Evanstoniin lähteneessä ehdotuksessa on mainittu seuraavat asiat (englanniksi):

“We have now participants from 3 countries, Finland, Sweden and Estonia. Goal is to have all 9 countries in by time the Project will be finished. Purpose of the proposed Project is to establish work for saving the Baltic Sea, i.e. activating and motivating Rotarians to do actual work. Some of these activities are included in the Project and aim is to expand this kind of activities later to cover the whole Baltic Sea region. This project is not a traditional project. Rather it is trying to raise Rotary interventions to next level, i.e. to make Rotarians to take lead in this international activity and activate whole regional Rotary community to make something visible and widely recognized. Our hope is also that this Project could also serve as a pilot to explore what kind of Rotary’s environmental interventions could be. Therefore we are collecting extremely strong consortia of leading Institutions to work with us to raise our work at high level to serve as reference to other activities later. Our aim is to continue this activity in later projects and expand our activities over coming years.”

Piiristämme Itämeri komitean jäsenet Pentti Aspilan johdolla ovat tehneet tuon hakemuksen ja se on nähtävissä tässä alla. Kun saamme rattaat pyörimään, myös klubeihin lähtee asiasta tietoa.

Tässä vaiheessa, mikäli asia kiinnostaa, kysy lisää joko Pentti Aspila ( tai Mikko Lindeman (